How to Unlock the Door at Sker Point in Maid of Sker

Maid of Sker review

About a quarter of the way into your adventure in Maid of Sker, you’ll find yourself in front of a strange locked door on top of Sker Point.

Inside the door is a very bizarre looking chair inside a smallish cage. You need to get in, but there’s no key. So how do you unlock the door? Here’s what you need to know.

If you get close enough to see inside the room, you’ll see that a compass appears on the roof, with ‘N’, ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘W’ etched around the edges. An arrow points to one direction. On the edge of Sker Point, you’ll see that three of the compass points are also marked, with each letter having a bell underneath.


You need to ring the bell that corresponds to the direction the arrow on the ceiling is pointing. If it points to ‘W’, head to the bell marked with ‘W’, and ring it.

Head back to look into the room again, and you’ll see that the arrow is moving. It’ll point to another direction.

Keep doing this, ringing the bell that corresponds with the direction of the arrow. After ringing a bell four or five times, the door will open, allowing you to go inside and proceed through Maid of Sker.