MX vs ATV All Out Is Racing Its Way Onto Switch

MX vs ATV All Out 1

If you’re into off-road racing and own a Switch, you might be happy to hear that MX vs ATV All Out is making its way to the format later this year.

We didn’t really like MX vs ATV All Out when it originally released on PS4, Xbox One and PC some years ago. We called it “not a very polished game”, and said that “mechanically it’s underwhelming.” Things improved somewhat with its Anniversary Edition, however, and so there’s hope that the Switch version will turn out to be decent as well.

It’s certainly not a game light on content. MX vs ATV All Out has a pleasing range of vehicles available, and a massive number of events covering Supercross, Nationals, Freestyle Competition, and more. On Switch, its split-screen and online multiplayer will also remain intact. So, if you like throwing bikes or ATVs around muddy tracks, be sure to keep your eye on it as it readies up for its 1st September release date.