Nowhere Prophet Card Guide: What Each Term Means

Wondering what all those fancy terms in Nowhere Prophet mean? Here’s a guide to help you out.

These are only some of the terms that you’ll come across when you start battling and brawling in Nowhere Prophet. Many of them you can find out by hovering over the card with the term on it, but just in case, here’s our list:


The effects of this card are triggered when the unit is played onto the battlefield. Cards with “Fury” on them are able to perform actions as soon as they’re played; like the card “Hermit” which lets you draw a card once it is played. This is super helpful if you’re wanting to clear the board and attack the enemy leader.



Unit becomes the exclusive target for enemy attacks as long as it’s in a frontline position. A unit can only have one of Marked, Stealth or Taunt. Taunt cards are essential for properly defending your other cards. You’ll want to put these cards in the front line because they have to be attacked first before any of the cards behind it.


Unit can attack or move immediately after entering battle. Most cards have to wait one turn before they can attack, but cards with Charge are able to attack right away which can turn the game in your favour very quickly.


If unit attacks and destroys its target follower, refresh rage unit. Rage units can be very helpful if you use them correctly. You can essentially attack as many times as the unit with Rage is alive. So if a unit has 3 attack and 4 health and you attack two enemies with two health each, you’ll kill them both before your rage card is eliminated.


When attacking an enemy unit, all damage beyond the target’s health rolls over to the next unit in the row or the enemy leader if no unit is present. These cards can be super powerful because of the splash damage. Not only does it attack, but then if it kills an enemy, any damage not used transfers to other enemies or even the leader.


The effects of this unit are triggered when the unit is destroyed. This one is pretty simple. Revenge cards are ones that have effects that occur once that enemy is destroyed such as dealing extra damage to the enemies in the same row as the creature that killed it.


Unit can attack when not in Frontline Position. Snipers are the only unit that can attack when not in the first column of the field. It’s very useful to place these behind tanks.


This unit is generated in combat and is not a permanent follower in its leader’s convoy. Tokens are creatures that aren’t in the enemies deck. These are spawned via cards only.


When this unit enters battle in a Frontline position, it fights the first target in the opposing row. Brawl cards are kind of like charge cards except you can’t pick which enemy for it to attack it simply attacks the first target in the opposing row to it.

I hope this helps you put together a great deck in Nowhere Prophet and help you understand the terms and cards in Nowhere Prophet a little better. Best of luck, prophets!