Paratopic is Making its Way to Nintendo Switch

Find out why folks are talking about the strange but brilliant Paratopic.

Developer Arbitrary Metric recently announced that its critically acclaimed first person horror title Paratopic would be heading to the Nintendo Switch this year.

Announced on Twitter, the tweet was followed with a barrage of comments from people saying they wait to get their hands on the game on console. And neither can we. Playable in both TV and handheld mode, Paratopic is a short-story that you’ll be able to enjoy anywhere you like.


But what really is Paratopic? It’s a first-person horror game with a 90’s feel to it. As you play, you unravel the story of three different characters and discover how they all connect with one another in an eerie, strange world.

In fact, our contributor Joe Sale chose it as his Game of the Year in 2018, calling it “a work of distilled genius”:

“It is a combination of brilliant storytelling, a lo-fi aesthetic that is borderline impressionistic (a refreshing counter to the disturbing trends in games and films toward literalism), and masterfully orchestrated tension. The writing is consistently on point, bridging a gap between surreal and everyday. The characters feel real.”


With only over an hour of gameplay,Paratopic is short but impactful. Dark, ambient music will put players on edge and the style will have you feeling like you’ve just transported yourself back in time.

There isn’t a release date set for Paratopic on Switch, other than it’s set to arrive “this year”. We’ll have more on the game closer to launch.