Planet Coaster Developer’s Video Diary Talks About Bringing the Game to Console

Planet Coaster Console Edition

Planet Coaster is making its way to console later this year, and in a newly-released dev diary, the team at Frontier talks about the development process.

Called ‘Expanding the Experience’, it’s the first in the series of dev diaries. More videos will follow in the run-up to Planet Coaster: Console Edition‘s release.

The dev diary provides insight into how the game is being redeveloped with controller play in mind. You’ll also hear the devs talk about the work that’s gone into bringing over the same level of detail that exists in the PC version.


Alongside discussion from the devs, the video features snippets of gameplay. Watch it to get the first look at the new-for-console track editing UI.

Give the video a watch below and stay tuned to Frontier’s YouTube channel for further updates. Planet Coaster: Console Edition is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X this ‘holiday’.

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