Sisters Royale is Out Today on Xbox One

Sisters Royale

Released earlier in the year on Switch and PS4, shoot ’em up Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire is now available on Xbox One.

Inspired by the aesthetic style of animes like Castle of Shikigami from 2001, Sisters Royale packs in classic vertical-scrolling shoot ’em up action with an over-the-top story.

The narrative sees the five sisters attempt to thwart the plans of evil Seytan who wants to destroy the world. But it’s not the story that will draw players in; it’s Sisters Royale‘s bold art style and fun gameplay. Each of the sisters has their own attack pattern, giving each character their own unique style.


Whoever you play as though, you’ll find yourself making your way through several vibrant and challenging levels, using a variety of power-ups and magical powers to defeat swarms of enemies. Global leaderboards will see you keep returning for more as you strive to set a high score.

We reviewed the game when it launched on Switch, calling it a “bright and colourful game”, although “too light on features and content”. But what is there offers up plenty of fun for fans of classic shmups. It’s available now from the Xbox Store for £11.74/$13.99.