Supermarket Shriek is Coming to PC, PS4 and Switch Later This Year

Supermarket Shriek

You can soon play Supermarket Shriek in the actual supermarket, because it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

Well, we’re not sure we’d actually recommend you do so. But it’s an option. Playing Supermarket Shriek involves not only the screams of the computerised goat within the game but quite often yours, as the player, as you crash into a pyramid of baked beans for the 83rd time.

If you don’t know what Supermarket Shriek is, you’re probably looking a little lost right now. Released in 2018 for Xbox One, it’s a party game that sees a man and a goat traverse increasingly difficult retail locations via a trolley. It’s designed with two players in mind; one controls the man, and one controls the goat. Press a button and your character will scream, turning the trolley in a particular direction. So if you want to go straight, both players need to scream together. I


Basically, it’s a game about teamwork, co-ordination, and headaches. There’s a lot of screaming.

Now, following its successful launch on Xbox, it’s coming to Switch, PS4 and PC. There’s no release date just yet: just “later this year”. But if screaming men and screaming goats sitting in shopping trolleys is potentially your thing (we don’t suppose you’ve tried, unless you’ve already played), then keep Supermarket Shriek on your radar. Or simply grab the game on Xbox One if you can’t wait.