2Streets of Rage 4

Streets Of Rage 4 0002

Release date: 30 April 2020
Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

We count Streets of Rage 2 among the greatest games ever made, although all the Streets of Rage games of old were excellent. We remember playing them non-stop, absorbing their brilliant music while dishing out punishment to the goons who stood before us. Imagine our surprise, then, when it was announced that Streets of Rage 4 was actually happening.

We were a bit apprehensive originally, but we needn’t have been. Dotemu, in collaboration with Guard Crush Games and Lizardcube, has done fans of the series proud. Streets of Rage 4 is phenomenal, staying true to the series’ roots while also adding in new elements that make the gameplay deeper and more enjoyable. On top of that, all of the characters from the previous games are available in their retro forms, too, adding to the nostalgia. We are so glad that Streets of Rage is back, and hope that there’s more to come.

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