The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is Launching on 30th October

The dark pictures anthology: little hope

The next entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology will be out in time for Halloween.

Following on from last year’s excellent Man of Medan is Little Hope. Telling the story of four college students and their professor who find themselves trapped in a mysterious fog, it promises more scares and a gripping story with horror at its heart.

The titular town of Little Hope has a dark and interesting past, so when the group find themselves stuck there, it’s clear things are going to take a sinister turn. Cue a series of hauntings and strange goings-on from previous residents of the town.


Like Man of Medan, it can be expected that choices you make while playing will affect the outcome of the game. Whether or not each character survives depends on how you react to certain situations. And like the last game from the Dark Pictures Anthology too, you can play alone (if you’re brave enough) or play with friends. A shared story online mode allows you to play with another friend online, and ‘movie night’ co-op allows up to five friends to play together in the same room.

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of horror games, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is one to watch. It’ll be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 30th October.

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