The Waylanders Shows Promise, But You Shouldn’t Jump in Just Yet

Available now via Steam Early Access, The Waylanders hopes to entertain those who enjoy classic party-based RPGs such as Dragon Age.

We’ve delved into it a little, but The Waylanders has some way to go before it’s worthy of its Early Access asking price of £29.99/$34.99. Within an hour of play, we found features that simply didn’t work and its fairly polished cutscenes soon ran out, leaving us wondering what exactly was going on.

Another thing that put us off was that despite having graphical options, none of them seemed to work. We were left playing at a godawful resolution on a giant 4K screen.

We did take away some promising things from our time with The Waylanders, though. The voice acting seems to be of a good standard. And when we can turn up the resolution, we reckon its cartoon-like character models will be quite pleasant on the eyes. Its story could also prove to be intriguing; a tale tinged with Celtic culture, it finds your custom created character untethered from time after attempting to meet with Gods. And now, with multiple warring factions now vying for the throne, it’s up to you to decide where your allegiances lie.

The gameplay itself seems very similar to the likes of Dragon Age. Viewed from an isometric viewpoint, you move your party around environments, fighting enemies and looting things. Combat takes place in real-time, and as you level up you’re able to acquire skills to put into use. You can pause time, however, if you wish to act more strategically and issue commands.

The Waylanders 2 (1)

While The Waylanders is indeed in Early Access, at the moment it’s just too early to be enjoyable. Alongside features like formations not working, its inventory system isn’t welcoming, and with the quality of its story scenes soon petering out, we found no reason to continue playing past its opening. GATO Studio, the developer behind The Waylanders, has just shared its Early Access roadmap, however, indicating that it might soon substantially improve.

Starting in July, it appears that hefty improvements and new content will be added on a weekly basis. In the first week of July, a major bug fix patch is planned, along with cinematic improvements. Then, the week after, new companion loyalty quests will be added. It remains to be seen if these updates will make The Waylanders worth jumping into before its full launch (scheduled for early 2021), but for those who have already taken the plunge, it’s at least a promising sign that things are going to improve.

We’ll have more on The Waylanders as it moves though Early Access. Until then, feast your eyes on the Early Access roadmap for the game below.