Available Now on Switch, Urban Trial Tricky is a Flippin’ Good Time

Urban Trial Tricky

It might not be quite as advanced as the likes of Ubisoft’s Trials series, but Urban Trial Tricky is a definite contender.

Following on from Urban Trial Freestyle and Urban Trial PlaygroundUrban Trial Tricky doubles down on performing tricks. Each of its short levels will challenge you with racking up the best score possible by performing a series of tricks. What tricks you want to perform is up to you; but the more complicated they are, the better you’ll score. And of course, the more you manage to chain together, the more points you’ll obtain.

It’s hard not to be instantly charmed by Urban Trial Tricky. It’s a lovely looking game; its bright colours and cartoon style is reminiscent of the likes of Splatoon. It means it feels perfectly at home on Switch. It’s very easy to get to grips with, too; a straightforward tutorial teaches you the basic controls. Pulling off a simple trick and performing successful landing is easy and satisfying – but managing to chain together a high-scoring combo requires a bit more practice.

But as you make your way through Urban Trial Tricky‘s 30-plus levels, you’ll soon master some inspired combos. You’ll have your go-to tricks, of course, but the user-friendly controls means it’s easy to attempt something different. And if you fail? Well, simply dust yourself off and try again. After all, you’ll want to get those high scores.

Not every level is simply about performing tricks, though. Some task you with racing to the finish line as fast as possible – but managing to pull off some tricks along the way will improve your score. These levels are about balancing speed and skill just right in order to beat the clock.

However you decide to tackle it, Urban Trial Tricky has a lot of fun to offer. And it’s even better when you consider it’s just £14/$15. If you’ve exhausted everything that Trials Rising has to offer and want something new, you’ll not be disappointed.

Urban Trial Tricky is available now on Nintendo Switch.