Worms Rumble Announced for PS4, PS5 and PC

Worms Rumble

The worms are at it again.

Team17 has announced Worms Rumble, the next instalment in the much-loved Worms franchise. Although it’s probably not what fans expect.

Launching late this year for PS4, PS5 and PC, Worms Rumble takes Worms real-time. Up to 32 players will be able to engage in frantic online team-based warfare, ranking up as they go. A battle royale mode will also feature, allowing players going to go solo or form a squad. And to ensure that you never struggle to find a fight, cross-play will be available.


As you’d expect from a Worms game, Worms Rumble will be big on customisation. As players rank up, new weapon skins and character customisations will become available, as well as emotes and accessories. All the weapons you’ve come to know and love will be in Worms Rumble too, such as the Holy Hand Grenade and Baseball Bat. Though there’ll also be some new ones, of course.

Support for Worms Rumble is planned to be ongoing, so new arenas and customisations will be added periodically. There’ll also be seasonal events, daily and community challenges, and something called The Lab, where players can experiment with new gameplay mechanics and weapons.

While the launch of Worms Rumble is some months away, players have a chance of going hands-on with it this month thanks to a closed beta planned for the 15th July. It will run until 20th July, and players can sign up right now. It’ll only be available on Steam, however.

Check out the Worms Rumble announcement trailer below.