30-Minute Adventure Arrog Leaves a Lasting Impression

Sometimes even a very short game leaves a lasting impression. 

It can be difficult to create something memorable that only lasts about a half-hour, but that’s exactly what the team behind Arrog has done. It’s beautifully drawn, intriguing and strange, taking the player on a real journey from the first moment to the last.

Arrog is a narrative adventure that tells the story of a man accepting his death through a series of mysterious dreams. As the player, you’re mostly watching the events unfold, but you’ll occasionally interact with the world in order to move the story along. You’ll also be tasked with completing simple puzzles.

Where Arrog really impresses is in its art style. The black and white hand-drawn scenes are just lovely; when I’d finished it, I wanted to go back and play it again straight away just to appreciate all of the minor details in each scene. While the majority of the game is black and white, brief hints of colour here and there really bring it to life and help you appreciate the world and the story. 

Arrog’s story is rather enigmatic – in a good way. While there might not be a cut-and-dry narrative, main characters or setting, it’s left up to the player to fill in those gaps. Who is the main character? What do his dreams mean? Where do they take place and why is he having them? It’s all up to you to decide for yourself. 

While it may be short, taking only 30 minutes to complete, Arrog is a joy to play. From the very first click to the very last it is captivating and thought-provoking. We all struggle with the idea of death and how we might cope with our final moments, and Arrog allows for a short but thought-provoking examination of that. At only £2.09/$2.99 on Steam, this lovely tale is worth every penny.

Watch us play through Arrog in the video below: