A New Leak All But Confirms The Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S controller
Image: Twitter/zakk_exe

We don’t often report on leaks… but this one is too convincing to ignore, frankly.

As reported by The Verge, Twitter user @zakk_exe spotted a new Xbox controller ‘in the wild’. Except rather than listing its compatibility as simply “Xbox Series X”, the side of the box states it’s for “Xbox Series X|S”. Series S. You know, that second new Xbox console that’s been heavily rumoured but so far not confirmed.



The image looks too convincing to be photoshopped – although that was our initial thought. And although it doesn’t reveal how, The Verge reports it has confirmed it to be genuine.

Xbox Series S controller Image: Zakk_exe/Twitter

Although there’s been no word from Microsoft yet, the Xbox Series S – codenamed ‘Lockhart’ – has been heavily rumoured for several months. It’s believed to be a lower-priced next-gen console to sit alongside the all-powered Xbox Series X. It’ll have a less powerful GPU, but will still be capable of playing next-gen games.

Insiders suggest that Microsoft is primed to reveal the Series S this month at its next showcase. But now this all-too-convincing leak has materialised, we have to wonder if they might be prompted to lift the veil a little earlier than originally planned.

Either way, a full reveal can’t be too far away. And we’re very excited to see exactly what the Xbox Series S will entail. A cheaper entry into next gen – when Xbox Series X and PS5 are looking to be well over £400 – is a very interesting prospect indeed. [The Verge]