A Resident Evil Series is Headed to Netflix

Well this sounds… interesting.

On Twitter, Netflix has just revealed that a Resident Evil series is heading its way. Not much has been announced about the series other than a brief synopsis… but there’s a lot to unpack.

“When the Wesker kids move to New Reccoon City, the secrets they uncover might just be the end of everything,” it reads. Hoo boy.

First: “the Wesker kids.” Depending on when this series is based, it seems unlikely that Albert Wesker, one of the main antagonists from the series, has had time to get busy making babies. Plus, Resident Evil already tried to give Wesker a son with Resident Evil 6’s Jake Wesker and that plot was so full of holes it was worse than a slice of Swiss cheese. While I can appreciate the idea of making Albert Wesker seem more human, the guy is just plain evil; and having kids to pass his legacy onto isn’t what any of us want. Surely.

“New Raccoon City” indicates that this must be after the first Raccoon City is blown up in the first game. It will be interesting to see how “the Wesker kids” deal with all of the aftermath of The Umbrella Corporation and their father’s complicated past.

A follow-up tweet confirms the series is being headed up by Andrew Dabb who has written for Supernatural. Bronwen Hughes, who directed Breaking Bad, is directing the first two episodes.

It’s a decent team, but that story summary doesn’t fill us with a great deal of hope for the series. Just look at the Twitter comments and you’ll see that most fans aren’t exactly excited.

But of course, everything is all speculation at this point. With very little to go on, there’s no way to tell how the Resident Evil adaptation will do as a live-action series. Maybe it’ll be incredible. We doubt it, but you never know.

Look out for more information on the show as it gets closer to its launch on Netflix.