All About Dead by Daylight’s New Survivor, Felix Richter

dead by daylight felix richter

A new survivor is on his way into the fog.

Dead by Daylight‘s next chapter, Chapter XVII: Descend Beyond, will soon be available – and with it comes the 23rd survivor to the series: original character Felix Richter.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new character.


The Lore

Felix Richter was born in Coburg, Germany to parents that were part of an ancient high society. Shy and introverted as a child, Felix’s parents worried that he would never make friends. Thankfully, as a teenager his family took a trip to Dyer Island where Felix befriended other awkward teens. They called themselves“The Pariahs”. One day the group of five went exploring ancient ruins. Sadly, the trip turned into a nightmare when a strange fog appeared. The teenager’s parents came to the rescue, but that meant sacrificing themselves in the process.

For a while, the teenagers were obsessed with finding their parents. But as years passed, they grew apart and moved on with their lives. Felix became a fantastic architect, but never felt like what he accomplished was his own. He felt as though many things were handed to him because of his parents’ influence. When Felix’s girlfriend told him that she was pregnant, he stopped feeling sorry for himself and began working as hard as he could. He began a Restoration Project on Dyer Island. While he was out there, the fog returned –and out from it walked his father with a look of disappointment. His father turned around and walked back into the fog with Felix not far behind. He was never heard from again.

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Felix’s Perks

Visionary – You see the auras of generators within 32 metres. Anytime a generator is completed, Visionary is on cooldown for 20/18/16 seconds.

This perk could be useful towards the end of the game on maps like the Meat Plant or Leary’s to help survivors find the final generators. It can also simply help speed up the search for generators in general.

Desperate Measures – Increases healing and unhooking speeds by 10/12/14% for each injured, hooked or dying survivor.

This is actually a pretty useful perk for those times when it seems like everyone is getting injured at the same time. It makes for some quick healing and quick saves at the best of times.

Built to Last – Once per trail, a depleted item will refill 30/40/50% of its charges after 10 seconds.

This is a perk that many players will probably use help make their items last. After a recent update, toolboxes don’t last as long so it will definitely be useful in making those last for longer than a single generator.

Watch us play as Felix (with a glimpse of the new killer, The Blight) in the PTR gameplay video below: