Bethesda Teases DOOM Eternal’s The Ancient Gods Expansion

DOOM eternal (1)

If DOOM Eternal continues to get more content after this, it really will be eternal.

Announced at QuakeCon At Home over the weekend, DOOM Eternal will be receiving its first campaign expansion soon.

Called The Ancient Gods: Part One, you’ll be battling demons in new areas of the DOOM universe and facing off against never-before-seen foes. More hell and more demons? Sign us the hell up.

We absolutely love DOOM Eternal. In our review, we said:

 “Everything adds up to make DOOM Eternal the most challenging, content-rich and feature-packed first-person shooter in years. You’ll move through missions thinking “surely this is the last” only to progress onto the next. And that’s not to say that DOOM Eternal outstays its welcome, because it doesn’t; pretty much every moment of it is a joy, whether you’re battling demons or traversing from one area to another.” 

And that means that we can’t wait to see what this new content has to offer. The teaser trailer, which you can watch below, doesn’t give too much away, and this weekend’s reveal only hinted at what’s to come. A full announcement is expected to arrive later this month as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live on 27th August.

If you’d like to read our full review for DOOM Eternal, head over here and check out the trailer for the new expansion below.