Can You Change Your View in Fast & Furious Crossroads?

If you’re playing Fast & Furious Crossroads, you might be wondering if you can change your view. Well, can you?

You’re out of luck: you can’t change your view in Fast & Furious Crossroads. You’re stuck with the close-up out-of-car view. If you prefer playing driving games with a dashboard or bonnet view, or even just with a slightly more zoomed-out camera, sorry. You’ve no choice but to play with the default camera angle.

It seems like a bizarre choice for a modern racing game, but it is what it is. The good news is you’ll eventually get used to it, but it does hamper the experience somewhat; especially as it makes it impossible to judge where enemies are unless they’re directly in front of you.

That said, you can see behind you by pressing Y/triangle, and you can use the right stick to get a better view too. It’s not quite the same as changing your view entirely, but it does help.