Children of Morta’s Paws and Claws DLC Raises Funds for Humane Society International

children of morta paws and claws

11 bit studios is raising money for our furry friends.

Man’s best friend isn’t just a thing that people say. It’s how we really feel. Most humans feel a strong connection between themselves and animals, just as much as they feel with other humans.

And clearly, 11 bit studios feels the same. The developer of Children of Morta has just announced that all of the proceeds from the game’s “Paws and Claws” DLC will be donated to Humane Society International.

Children of Morta is an action RPG that follows a family of heroes – the Bergsons. The family have a variety of different abilities and fight against Corruption in their world. The Paws and Claws DLC adds a tonne of new elements to the game, including an Animal Shelter System and a variety of new animal visitors. It also has animal-related in-game boosts, more than 100 new animations and more.

The Humane Society International is a global organisation that works hard at promoting human’s relationships with animals. It also rescues and protects dogs, improves farm animal welfare and protects wildlife.

Children of Morta‘s Paws and Claws DLC is available now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Pick it up for just $3.99, and know that your money is going to a great cause.

Check out the trailer for it below.