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Darksiders Genesis, Man of Medan and More are Heading to Xbox Game Pass This August

Man of Medan 1 (1)

You know the score by now: the arrival of another month means yet more games added and taken away from Xbox Game Pass.

Kicking things off, there are six games joining Xbox Game Pass today, with four of them being available on both Xbox One and PC. Darksiders Genesis is one of them, which is great if you like isometric adventure games. It’s a Darksiders game through and through, just with a different viewpoint. Oh, and you can play it in online or local co-op, too. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan joins Xbox Game Pass today as well. It also has online and local multiplayer, and if you love cinematic horror games, you should definitely download it.  Both Darksiders Genesis and Man of Medan are available for Xbox Game Pass for Console subscribers only.

More games are available today on both console and PC. It Lurks Below is a 2D, action-oriented, survival RPG by David Brevik, while Trailmakers is a game in which you build vehicles out of blocks and race therm across an alien planet. And then there’s Undermine, a dungeon-crawling roguelike with RPG-like progression, and Xeno Crisis, a 16-bit run and gun throwback.

A week today, on August 13th, Final Fantasy VII HD will also join Xbox Game Pass for both PC and console. If you’ve never played this classic RPG before, you should really jump into it. Trust us, it won’t ruin Final Fantasy VII Remake for you whenever that arrives on Xbox One and PC. And of course, more games are likely to join Xbox Game Pass later this month.

And now we draw your attention to the game that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon. Devil May Cry V, Kingdom Come:Deliverance, Space Hulk: Tactics, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and Yoku’s Island Express will all exit the service on 14th August. So, either get stuck into them now, or purchase them at a discount so you can continue playing them well into the future.

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