Dead by Daylight Launches Tome IV: Conviction

The Entity brings yet another new Tome for players to tackle.

Ever since Behaviour Interactive launched The Archives in Dead by Daylight players have been coming back to the game in waves, completing quest after quest, to earn those tasty blood points. The newest Tome, Conviction, is no exception: it includes new cosmetic items for characters as well as opportunities to earn blood points, lore entries and more.

Conviction focuses specifically on the backstories of Meg Thomas, The Wraith, The Hag and Ace Visconti. It includes specific story-related outfits and charms for those characters.


Like all previous Tomes, Conviction is split up into four levels in the time-limited Rift. These levels include several Master Challenges for players to attempt to complete in order to earn both blood points and Rift Fragments (which are used to unlock cosmetics and charms). When the Rift closes, any items you unlock are yours to keep.

As part of the Rift, there are two reward tracks. The free track gives players the chance to earn cosmetics and other rewards completely for free including the Treacherous Waters Collection for the Doctor and David King. Then, there’s the Premium track which costs $9.99 and gives players even more unique outfits and unlockables including the Greek Legends Collection which is a totally brand new addition.

You can see the trailer for Conviction below. Head into Dead by Daylight right now to start working on the first level to earn those sweet rewards!

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