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Drink More Glurp Review

Maximum colour, zero taste! DRINK. MORE. GLURP.

We’ve got advertisements shouting at us in our everyday lives all the time. Billboards are telling us to get things enhanced that don’t need enhancing, or warning us about our ever-looming deaths. It makes complete sense that Drink More Glurp, from developer CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD and published by The Yogscast, uses those media influences to tell the story of this strange and hectic party game.

Drink More Glurp takes place on a distant planet where aliens, having watched way too much Earth TV, believe that advertisements are the most important part of human sports events. Sponsors will often interrupt sporting events to advertise their wacky products; there’s the titular Glurp of course, but also hand-binding handcuffs Master Cuffs, and boogery-substance Sticky Wings. You’ll be using the sponsored product in the game each time you’re interrupted – and when it all comes together, it makes for a hectic, hilarious party game with dozens of different events to try.

“It makes for a hectic, hilarious party game with dozens of different events to try”

In Drink More Glurp, you play as aliens who all have tiny stubby legs and freakishly long arms (although in a few games, you’ll also have short stubby arms). Using your analogue sticks you’ll swing your character’s arms around up, down, left, right and every which way. You’d be wrong in thinking that it sounds incredibly easy; it’s actually quite the opposite. You’ll never quite get the hang of making these characters move – and that’s probably the most genius bit of the game. Not the dozens of different games for you to play or the silly sponsors and customisable characters; but the fact that no matter how much you practice, Drink More Glurp will still be a hilarious challenge.

“No matter how much you practice, Drink More Glurp will still be a hilarious challenge”

Despite primarily being multiplayer party game, there’s plenty of fun to be had by yourself. Drink More Glurp‘s “Challenges” mode tasks you with setting high scores to beat your friends or the online leaderboards. These challenges include things like trying to throw objects as far as you can, making it to the bottom of a hill as fast as you can, or guiding a trolley with an egg inside of it as far as you can before the egg breaks. Each challenge has a bronze, silver or gold medal for you to win, making it impossible for completionists like me to walk away.

Of course, the real fun of Drink More Glurp is when you have a group of friends together. The game’s Party Mode allows up to twenty people to play together. Unlike the Challenges, Party Mode can consist of multiple rounds of games chosen at random. Each player takes it in terms to set a score, before moving on to the next game. Whoever gets the highest scores overall in each round will be crowned the winner at the end of the game.

“It’s fun, silly, unique and brilliantly challenging – even if it’s not for everyone”

The unfortunate part taking it in turns means that a game can take a long time to complete; especially if there’s four or more players. Some players might lose interest quickly; despite the dozens of different minigames on offer, each one essentially uses the same gimmick. Not being able to control where your character moves due to their wiggly, ridiculous arms is hilarious and silly at first, but after a half hour the hilarity begins to wear off. In that regard, I actually enjoyed single-player more; by myself, I can enjoy the game’s silliness at my own pace without having to deal with the grumblings of others.

Drink More Glurp is a great party game, but perhaps one that’s best enjoyed in short bursts. Although the game claims to support up to 20 players, it’s better enjoyed in smaller numbers to keep game times short. Don’t expect it to entertain you for hours at a time due to how similar many of the games are. But for half an hour sessions at a time, Drink More Glurp is hilarious. It’s fun, silly, unique and brilliantly challenging – even if it’s not for everyone. Pick it up if you’ve been looking for a good party game to entertain your guests with, but keep your options open in case it loses its charm after a while.

Drink More Glurp is available on PC and Switch. We reviewed the game on Switch with a code provided by the publisher.
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