Fall Guys Has Already Sold Over 2 Million Copies on Steam

The hilarious new party game Fall Guys has taken the world by storm.

The teams at Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have announced that their wacky party game Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout has already sold over two million players just on Steam since its release on August 4th.

It’s important to note those figures are on Steam alone. Two million copies sold in less than a week is some seriously impressive going. Considering the game is available free to PS Plus subscribers on PS4, there’s way more than two million people who’ve played the game so far.


Fall Guys is an online party game that has players competing with nearly 100 other players in a series of minigames. Games involve racing over see-saws that threaten to drop you into the abyss below, gathering and keeping eggs in your area to get a high score or racing to the finish line and grabbing a crown before everyone else. It’s a hilarious, fast-paced, unforgiving title which is an absolute joy to play.

To celebrate the game’s awesome milestone, the team has collected some Fall Guys figures from the game’s launch week which you can see below.

A huge congratulations to the team and, if you’d like to get your hands on Fall Guys you can pick it up right now on Steam and PlayStation 4. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can jump into Fall Guys for Free during the month of August.

We’ll have our Fall Guys review up later this week, once we’ve suffered a few more heartbreaking defeats.