Ghost of Tsushima – Legends Brings Multiplayer to the Game Later This Year

ghost of tsushima - legends

Sucker Punch is bringing multiplayer to Ghost of Tsushima.

Since its release last month, Ghost of Tsushima has had players fighting through waves of mongols as the samurai Jin Sakai. A multiplayer mode – Ghost of Tsushima – Legends – has just been announced that steps away from Jin’s story and instead takes on a more mythological approach. It will be completely free for those that already own the game.

Legends will have players taking on the role of one of four characters: the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin or Assassin. Each character has their own set of unique abilities. You can play the game with two to four players.


Legends will include a co-op story mission for the players to take on. It will have them honing their combat skills to take down enemies, but not in quite the same way as they’ve come to expect from Ghost of Tsushima. As mentioned earlier, it’s more about magical legends, and players will encounter new enemies – including the Oni who have supernatural abilities.

Later on, after the release of Legends, a four-player raid will be made available. This will give you and your friends a real challenge as you take on a terrifying new enemy.

We’ll have more on Ghost of Tsushima – Legends as it gets closer to its release later this year. For more information, head to the PlayStation Blog, and watch the trailer below.