How to Auction Items in World of Warcraft

Wondering how to put items up for auction in World of Warcraft? We’ve got you covered.

Getting started in World of Warcraft can be overwhelming. The game has been out for a long time and everyone seems to know how to do everything already. But some of us are new to the game and still need some help getting started.

While you’re out and about completing quests, you’re going to be doing a lot of looting. Sometimes those items are worth putting up in auction so that other people can buy them from you using in-game money.


Items that normally do great at auction are things like linen and silks as well as profession-based items like herbs, animal skins and minerals collected from mining. So if you’ve got a lot of those items saved up, here’s how to put them in auction:

You can find auctioneers at any large town like Darnassus, The Undercity, Orgrimmar, etc. If you’ve got them ticked to show up on your mini-map they’re location is indicted by the image of a pile of gold coins. (This just makes them easier to find in big cities.)

Talk to them and click on over to the sell tab at the bottom. From there you’ll open up your bag and right click on the item you wish to sell.

Let’s break down what you’ll see:

On the left side is the item you’re selling. It shows how many of the item you’re selling, the average unit price for it, the duration that it will stay in auction, the deposit cost and how much you’ll earn if someone buys it. The right side shows other players that are selling the same item as you as well as how many of the item and what they’re trying to get for it.

You can either try to sell the item for the unit price which is very likely to sell or boost it up or down depending on how much you want to try and get for it. Normally, if your item is returned back to you multiple times either no one wants it so you can just sell it to an NPC vendor or you’re listing it for too high a price and you’ll want to go down a little bit.

Put lots of stuff in auction and eventually you’ll get used to what items sell for and you’ll make lots of money. Once your items have sold, look for the envelope on the top right of the screen on your mini-map which indicates that you’ve received mail. Head to the nearest mailbox located in most towns and cities, and collect your moolah.

There you have it. If you’re looking to sell at the auction in World of Warcraft it’s as easy as that.