How to Save Your Game in Horizon Zero Dawn

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Now available on PC as well as PS4, if you’re making your way through Horizon Zero Dawn you’re going to want to save your progress.

An open-world action-RPG set in a world in which robotic creatures roam, Horizon Zero Dawn is a brilliant game that will take you tens of hours to complete. And while it does have an autosave feature that will occasionally save your progress for you, you’ll generally want to manually save your game before turning it off.

To manually save your game in Horizon Zero Dawn, you need to find a bonfire. Bonfires are spread all over the game’s world, and the first time you encounter each one you’ll need to light it to activate as a future fast-travel point. Interacting with lit bonfires is also how you save your game.


You have two options to save your game. Quick save allows you to quickly save without choosing a slot – your last manual save will be overwritten. If you want to create a save that you’ll be able to load up in the future, however, e.g. you’re heading into a new area that you’re not quite sure about, or want to test a weapon purchasable in a shop before committing to it, making a manual save beforehand is a good option. Simply press the button required to perform a manual save, then choose a slot.

It’s a good idea to save every time you encounter a bonfire in Horizon Zero Dawn, as you never truly know what’s around the next corner. Also, bonfires aren’t always consistently placed.