Nintendo is Rumoured to Have an Upgraded Switch in the Works

Could a more powerful Switch be on the way next year?

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo might have big plans for 2021. With the release of new generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony getting closer, there’s likely a lot of pressure for Nintendo to deliver something new. And so, it’s rumoured that a new version of the Switch could be launching in 2021.

The new upgrade is said to include 4K high-definition graphics and more power. And this new console would be joined by a variety of new games to keep up with competing consoles. Due to the demand of the current Switch consoles, production of the new console wouldn’t begin until after the holiday season 2020.


As Bloomberg reports, reports of the new console first appeared in Taiwan’s Economic Daily News earlier this week. It’s not the first time we’ve heard rumours about a more powerful Switch, either. They surfaced as long ago as early 2019, when a “Pro” model and a “smaller” model were alleged to be on the way. Of course, we got that small version with 2019’s Switch Lite. And considering it has been three and a half years since the Switch made its debut, an updated model does make sense.

The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming Nintendo’s best-selling console right behind the Nintendo Wii. The Switch has had some great success during its current four year run. It’s easy to imagine that a more powerful Switch console, could shoot Switch sales right to the very top.

Of course, take this rumour with a pinch of salt for now; Nintendo has not confirmed it has any new hardware in production. But as we’ve said, a new model would make sense. And we’d very much welcome it. Being able to play Breath of the Wild in 4K? Yes please, Nintendo. []