Play Marvel’s Avengers For Free in its Open Beta This Weekend

Marvel's Avengers beta

Starting today at 9pm, Marvel’s Avengers is running an open beta, allowing everyone to jump in and try it out.

The last few weekends have seen closed betas of the game in operation, though only those with invites could take part. This time, no invite is necessary; the beta is open to all. And if you’re even a tiny bit interested in the game, and in Marvel in general, you really ought to give it a go.

We previewed it during a closed beta period earlier this month, and were pleasantly surprised by our time with the game. It’s a lot of fun; the opening segment of the game is bombastic and action-packed; you’ll take control of one Avenger after another, testing out their skills and taking part in an epic battle. With a wide range of abilities, every character is a joy to play as – but they don’t stay with you for long.


You see, after the Marvel’s Avengers’ opening chapter, the story begins proper. The Avengers have been disbanded, and so it becomes your job to get them back together. Over time, you’ll unlock the ability to play as more and more of the popular characters. And with them, you’ll engage in tense fights, explore open environments, and, best of all, collect up a lot of loot. It’s essentially an action RPG, with inspiration taken from the likes of Diablo and Destiny.

Playable single or in multiplayer, there’s a lot to love, even if you’re not a huge fan of Marvel. We’d definitely recommend jumping in to the beta to try it out.

Marvel’s Avengers beta starts today, Friday 21st August, at 9pm in your local time zone. It runs until Sunday, 23rd August. It’s available to download on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more information, and links to download, head to the official website by clicking here.