Rebellion’s Already Smashed the Goal for its Sniper Elite – The Board Game Kickstarter Campaign

Bring action and stealth to the kitchen table with Sniper Elite the Board Game.

Did you know that Rebellion has a board game division? Well it does, and it’s called Rebellion Unplugged. It has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sniper Elite – The Board Game.

Since launching yesterday, the campaign has already exceeded its modest £22,000 goal. At the time of publishing, it’s at £28,200 – and with 20 days still to go, it’s likely to go much higher.


Sniper Elite is all about stealth and incredibly accurate longshots. That’s what the team behind Sniper Elite – The Board Game hope to bring to the table. (Pun intended.) The campaign, playable with two to four players, has players venturing into a WWII U-boat launch facility, taking on the role of either a sniper or a German soldier.

It wouldn’t be Sniper Elite without Karl Fairburne, who one player gets to take on the role of. He’s responsible for tracking movements while remaining completely hidden. That player can also use weapons and other helpful equipment to get the enemies off their scent. The other players play as German soldiers trying to defend themselves against Fairburne and uncover his location before all of their men are taken down.

If you’d like to get your hands on Sniper Elite – The Board Game, the Kickstarter is running until 1st September. A pledge of £40 or more will bag you a copy of the game. Additional tiers offer up various goodies – with £60 or more bagging you the hilariously-named and rather wonderful “Teste-Kill” miniature. LOOK AT IT:

Head on over to the game’s Kickstarter for full details and to make your pledge. The board game is scheduled to release around September 2021.