Soon You Can Have a Legendary Polybius Arcade Cabinet in Your Home

Even video games have urban legends, you know.

One of them is Polybius, an arcade game that allegedly popped up in Oregon in the 1980s, only to disappear without a trace soon after. During its time in arcades, it supposedly had an addictive and trance-like affect on its players.

While we can all agree that sounds like the stuff of fantasy, Polybius has still carved out a place for itself in popular culture. It’s featured in numerous pieces of media, as well as popping up in other games; Arcade Spirits, which we reviewed earlier this year, has a whole side story set around the mysterious arcade cabinet.


But legend or not, you can soon own Polybius in your home. If you dare. Numskull has announced plans to bring a Polybius arcade cabinet to its Quarter Arcades range.

The Quarter Arcades line-up is, unsurprisingly, quarter-size scale replicas of popular arcade games. Already in the range are classic arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Galaxian. And, all going to plan, Polybius will be joining them soon.

Numskull is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring Polybius to market. With 26 days still to go, it’s already more than half way to its £50,000 goal.

The catch is, the cabinet isn’t actually a playable game. Because how do you make a game that doesn’t actually exist? Rather, it’s modelled on what Polybius allegedly looked like; a striking all-black design with blue highlights. Rather than feature a made-up game, the screen plays trippy visual effects and audio, living up to the game’s mysterious nature. The functionality of the cabinet is actually a 10-port USB hub; ideal if you have several Quarter Arcade machines set up.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Polybius arcade cabinet, you’ll need to pledge £99 or more. Numskull is aiming to ship the cabinets by February 2021, providing the Kickstarter reaches its goal. Gotta admit, if you have a tabletop miniature arcade set up, Polybius will make quite the addition to it.

Find out more about Polybius and the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.