Super Bomberman R Online is Headed to Stadia Next Week

Stadia players are getting an exclusive Bomberman title.

Super Bomberman R Online takes Bomberman into the age of the battle royale when it launches exclusively on Stadia on 1st September. In it, up to 64 players will battle against each other to be crowned the ULTIMATE BOMBERMAN.

Well, no, we don’t know that’s what they’ll actually be called. But we think it sounds cool all the same.

Following on from the success of Super Bomberman R, which first released on Switch in 2017, Super Bomberman R Online takes classic Bomberman gameplay and turns it into a battle royale. Each match will see up to 64 players competing across multiple games at once, working to eliminate each other through clever and cunning bombing techniques.

Excitingly, the game will be the first to utilise Stadia’s “crowd play” feature; a long-awaited feature that allows players to jump into a game with streamers with the press of a button. It will also have over 100 customisation options, allowing you to dress up your own Bomberman with fancy costumes and accessories. And new to the series is bomb skins, which change up the bomb and its blast.

When the game launches on 1st September, Stadia Pro users will be able to access the game for free, indefinitely. Until 30th November, they can also claim the Premium Edition, which normally retails for £9.99.

If you’re not a Stadia Pro member, you’ll need to purchase the Premium Edition of the game in order to play.

We can’t wait to see some awesome, competitive Bomberman. We’ll have more on the game next week. Until then, check out the trailer below.