Surivival Horror Tormented Souls Announced for 2021 Release

You might think you’re alone in the dark, but you’d be wrong.

PQube, Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works announced today their new survival horror title Tormented Souls headed to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021.

The game casts you as Caroline Walker, a young woman who has woken up to find herself naked in a bathtub and hooked up to some horrible medical equipment. You have to keep yourself alive as you explore the halls of an old mansion-turned-hospital. As you explore the hospital you’ll discover that you aren’t alone in the dark. Picking up anything and everything to solve puzzles and manipulate the fabric of reality will be the only way to keep yourself alive.


Tormented Souls takes inspiration from classic survival horrors like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and modernises it. It uses a fixed perspective, but offers an improved control scheme and dynamic camera. Fans of the survival horror genre will likely find something to love in this new title.

The trailer below highlights what players can expect when they load up Tormented Souls and gives a glimpse at the horrific mansion/hospital and monstrous creatures lurking in it’s hallways. Give the trailer a watch and look out for more Tormented Souls info as it gets closer to release.