Take a Look at DIRT 5’s New Icebreaker Events

As you’d expect with a name like Icebreaker, DIRT 5‘s new event type contains a lot of ice.

The Ice Breaker is a time trial event that will take place on a circuit covered with ice. We’re already nervous just thinking about it. The circuits are short, and you’ll find several of them dotted throughout the game’s coldest locations. There’s Norway, Nepal – and even a frozen river in New York. (We’re waiting on confirmation if other locations that don’t begin with the letter ‘N’ will feature.)

These challenges will be all about trying to keep control of your car as you battle against the slippy ice surface. Easier said than done, as anyone who’s ever tried to drive to work on a cold February morning can attest. You’ll have no grip, so you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place. But it’s quite a lot more fun in a videogame, we can safely assume, as there’s zero risk of knocking into Trevor from number 54’s car as you try in vain to reverse off the drive.


Anyway, see an Icebreaker event being performed in the trailer below. You’ll get to try it out for yourself on 9th October, when DIRT 5 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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