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If you’re desperate for more glimpses at Cyberpunk 2077, we’ve got good news for you.

CD Projekt Red is clearly excited for the upcoming release of their open-world, action-adventure Cyberpunk 2077. And why wouldn’t it be? This week, the team released the second episode of Night City Wire, a series dedicate to its upcoming game.

As part of that, it has released three new videos that give players a look at the backstory of the main character, the weapons you’ll become acquainted with, as well as a feature on how the Swedish punk band Refused brings the in-game rock band SAMURAI to life. Check ’em out below.

The Lifepaths video shows players how they can choose who they want to be in the game. A Nomad, Street Kid or Corpo. The Street Kid was born and raised on the street – the entire neighbourhood is his family. The Nomad travels around, not really belonging anywhere. They’re something of an outcast, but family really means something to them. The Corpo is a businessman in charge of fixing everyone else’s bullcrap. Work is a competition, and if you don’t come out on top, you’re on the bottom.

Tools of Destruction introduces players to some of the badass weapons they’ll have access to in game. There’s melee weapons, smart weapons, power weapons, tech weapons, throwables and more. Each categories has its own set of awesome weapons, all with their own perks and quirks. Smart weapons are particularly impressive and some are able to use what looks like heat-seeking bullets that seek out enemies no matter where you shoot the gun.

Finally, Refused: Becoming SAMURAI introduces the punk band Refused and how they create an in-game band for Cyberpunk 2077. It even covers the character John and how the band connects with that character.

If you’d rather watch all of the videos together, you can watch the full episode two of Night City Wire here.

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