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What are Ooblet Figurines and What Do You Do With Them?


If you’ve been following the buzz around Ooblets, you might have heard mention of figurines. But what are these items, how do you get them and what do you do with them? Read on.

Ooblets is a Harvest Moon/Pokémon style game which, despite being in Early Access, is rather a lot of fun. Aside from maintaining your farm, you can also grow your own little Ooblets, seed-based creatures who love participating in dance battles. Honest – you’re not growing sentient beings and forcing them into slavery.

You can commemorate your dominance over these creatures with figurines. But how do you get figurines? It’s easy enough to get common figurines – just go to the Lernery and scan your Ooblets in. Once you’ve got a figurine, you can hang on to it or you can go to the town hall and put it in a case. That’s it – it’s purely decorative, nothing else.

You can also scan in gleamy Ooblets, which will give you gleamy figurines, though they’re a bit harder to find. Even if you’re not after figurines, scanning in new Ooblets will give you extra gummies which, in turn can be spent on various items around town.

We kind of hoped that we’d be able to decorate our homes with the figurines but, at the time of writing, there’s no way to do that. Still, it’s early (access) days for Ooblets so that feature may materialise later.

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