2Silent Survivor

  • Iron Will (Jake Park Perk) – All grunts of pain caused by injuries are reduced by 50/75/100%.
  • Calm Spirit (Jake Park Perk) – Reduces chances of alerting crows by 80/90/100%.
  • Urban Evasion (Nea Karlsson Perk) – Your movement speed while crouching is increased by 90/95/100%.
  • Quick and Quiet (Meg Thomas Perk) – The vault and hide actions’ noise detection and audio range is reduced by 100%. This effect can only be triggered once every 30/25/20 seconds.
Why this is one of the best Dead by Daylight survivor builds

This Dead By Daylight survivor build is like a good fart: quiet but deadly. Each perk will be utilised to help you stay hidden from the killer; but if you’re found, they’ll help you get away smoothly. Like a ninja, the silent survivor uses perks like Iron Will and Calm Spirit to stay quiet. They also keep those pesky birds from giving away your position. Urban Evasion and Quick and Quiet allow for a fast getaway.