2Tombstone and Tuft of Hair Myers


  • Play with Your Food – Every time you chase your obsession and let them escape you receive a token, up to a maximum of 3 tokens. Each token increases your movement speed by 3/4/5%. Each offensive action spends a token.
  • Hex: Ruin – Whenever a generator is not being repaired by a survivor, it will immediately and automatically regress its Repair progress at 100/150/200 % of the normal regression speed.
  • Brutal Strength – Destroy dropped pallets and damage generators 10/15/20 % faster.
  • Dying Light – Your obsession’s altruistic action speed is increased by¬†38/44/50 %. Once the obsession is killed or sacrificed, every other survivor gets a penalty of 19/22/25 % to repair, healing and sabotage speed.


  • Judith’s Tombstone – Unlocks the ability to kill healthy or injured survivors with Evil Within III. Disables the ability to stalk with Evil Within III. Tremendously increases the amount of evil required to reach Evil within III. Moderately decreases movement speed.
  • Fragrant Tuft of Hair – Unlimited duration of Evil Within III. Tremendously increases the amount of evil required to reach Evil Within II.

Why this is one of the best Dead by Daylight toxic killer builds

This Michael Myers build is one of, if not the most, toxic build that you can get in Dead by Daylight. Its four perks allow you to not only travel faster around the map (since Michael is one of the slower killers), but it gives you the ability to slow down the game with Hex: Ruin and Dying Light.

When it comes to those little add-ons, this is where the real toxicity comes from. Starting with the Fragrant Tuft of Hair, this unlocks an infinite duration of Tier III Evil Within. Tier III Evil Within already gives Michael increased lunge, increased vaulting speed and normal movement speed, but it now allows him to knock healthy players to the ground instantly. Combine this with Judith’s Tombstone and you’ve basically got a way to rush up to survivors, grab them by the neck, and kill them with your bare hands for free.

The downside, of course, is that both of these add-ons require a ludicrous amount of stalking to reach Tier III so some quick thinking and strategy is needed for this build.