Dead by Daylight is Getting More Graphical Updates

Dead by Daylight has been getting some much needed changes recently, and there’s more on the way.

Behaviour Interactive took to its Twitter account just recently and announced that Dead by Daylight is going to be getting some new updates.

The game recently got another graphical update that came with the Descend Beyond chapter just two weeks ago. This update game players the Badham Pre-School and the Yamaoka Estate maps. Both maps look incredible and really add a feeling of dread to the game.


The update also gave some of the items in the game a little face lift. Lockers, generators and even chests are more detailed and look much more natural in Dead by Daylight‘s dark universe.

This time around, Behaviour is showing off concept art for the next realm that will be receiving an update. It’s hard to tell from the images exactly what maps are getting the update, but it looks like one of the early maps for the game.

Here’s hoping that these graphics changes go from concept art to in-game soon. If the first graphical update is anything to go by, it’s going to be great.