Dead by Daylight Releases Cybil Bennett Outfit for Cheryl Mason

The Fog has claimed another victim.

With the release of The Silent Hill Chapter in Dead by Daylight, a new kind of cosmetic was unlocked. Legendary Outfits are basically outfits that change and original character into someone else. Cheryl Mason, for example, can now become Cybil Bennett.


Cybil Bennett is a police officer from the first Silent Hill game who tries to help Harry find his daughter. Those that want to play as Cybil will be clad in her police outfit complete with cool boots, gloves and her police badge. But her skills as an officer may or not help her in the realm of the ruthless Entity.

To claim this outfit you’ll need to head into Dead by Daylight’s in-game store and purchase it. You must have Dead by Daylight’s Silent Hill DLC. Log in as Cheryl, go to her available outfits, and equip Cybil to play.

It’s cool to see these characters coming together to take on the Entity and try to survive the trials.

Log into Dead by Daylight right now to purchase this unlockable outfit.