Forget 4K, This PlayStation 5 Console is 24K (Gold)

The next generation of consoles are so far all about 4K visuals. But this luxury company wants the PS5 to be all about 24K. 24K Gold, that is.

Truly Exquisite, a company that labels itself the “UK’s premier luxury customising brand”, wants to sell you a 24 carat gold PS5.

If 24K gold isn’t quite classy enough for you, there’s also an 18K rose gold option, or a platinum option.


Of course, such over-the-top ridiculous items come with an equally over-the-top and ridiculous price tag. A 24K Digital PS5 will cost you £7,999. If you’d rather have the rose gold, slap another £100 on the price. The platinum PS5 is the most expensive, at £8,199. There’s another £100 on top of each price if you want a PS5 with a disc drive. (Hmm, does that mean there’ll be £100 difference at regular retail, then?)

The madness doesn’t stop there though, oh no! You can also order a gold-plated PS5 controller (£649) and a gold-plated headset (£399).

Our mind boggles at the type of person that might want to buy such an item, but if you happen to have £8,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can register your interest on Truly Exquisite’s website. Preorders open on Thursday, 10th September. [HotUKDeals]