Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 3: Red Patriot Adds New Adventure and New Class

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players should log into the game for some new content.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s third episode, Red Patriot, is now available in the game, adding a new class and a new adventure to enjoy.

The new class is called a Pathfinder, who can control an Azraël drone in order to command airstrikes. This gives players some helpful air advantage. The Pathfinder comes with a class-specific tool called the Uplink Protocol which recharges this new airstrike ability. This new class can also highlight important cashes using Scout Vision and use their passive skill Wild Metabolism to make their rations last longer.


The new mission adds not only new content and in-game shop items but PVP updates as well. In Red Patriot, Trey Stone, head of the Sentinel PMC has hired a Russian separatists group called The Bodarks. The Bodarks plan to make an attack in America, but the Ghosts have other plans. Taking place over 10 missions, players will be tasked with navigating this new storyline and defending the US from these invaders all while deciding which side quests to take on as they progress.

The first two missions of Red Patriot are available for free to all players. Year 1 Pass owners will have access to all 10 missions.

Episode 3: Red Patriot is available right now, so grab some friends and jump right in.

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