Got Old Games Lying Around? Here’s What You Can Do With Them

Image: Unsplash/Nikita Kostrykin

Are you a passionate gamer? Or do you just love playing video games every once in a while? Either way, you probably have a lot of old games lying around your house, right?

No need to feel embarrassed, we’ve all been there. However, old games you are not playing can clutter your house. Perhaps it’s time to find a purpose for them.

There is a number of things you can do with your old video games. Here are just some ways to get rid of them, or make use of them.


Sell The Games

It’s safe to assume that many of your old video games are either too old for you to enjoy, or you just don’t have the time because you are too busy playing new ones.

It’s worth noting that, depending on what they are, video game collectors could pay a lot of money for your old games. The experts behind The Old School Game Vault offer good deals for vintage games. Also, if you have an old gaming console that you don’t use anymore, like an original Sony PlayStation, it usually carries some value for a collector or retro enthusiast.

Donate Your Games

If you don’t want the hassle of selling your old games, you can always donate them. There are plenty of worthy causes to donate to, including specialist videogame charities like Get Well Gamers in the UK, which supplies video games and consoles to children in hospital.

You can make someone’s childhood a little bit better by donating the games you don’t play anymore. Who knows, maybe your donation will inspire a young gamer to become successful in this entertainment niche. If not, you will definitely make someone’s day. Trust us, that is a good feeling.

Just Play the Games Yourself

In case you don’t want to sell or donate your old video games, perhaps it’s time to play them? Give your old console and games a good clean, get them in order and have fun. Yes, we know you don’t have the time to play them every day, but you don’t have to. Even playing a game once can make you feel like you’ve got some value out of it, and it’s not cluttering up your home for nothing. This is probably the most enjoyable way to deal with this problem. If you can even call this a problem.

Anyway, playing vintage video games is a wonderful way to have fun and remember the good old days. Also, you can invite your friends, buy beer and pizza, and have a great nostalgic video game night. You have to agree, this sounds pretty good.

Keep The Console and Old Games For Your Kids

If you have kids or plan on having them someday, perhaps you should keep your old console and games for them, when they’re old enough. They’ll get a kick out of seeing older games and will love feeling closer to you by seeing what you played when you were their age. Put them away safe in a sealed box and stick it in the garage or attic. It’ll be a cool little time capsule in a few years.

Old and vintage video games are a treasure and you definitely shouldn’t throw them in the trash. In case you have old games lying around your home, these tips will help you find a purpose for them.