Hands On with Dead by Daylight: Descend Beyond

Dead by Daylight’s newest chapter dropped recently and we’ve jumped in to give it a try. 

Behaviour Interactive has just released two new characters into its 4v1 asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, and we couldn’t wait to give them both a try. After being introduced to the characters and their abilities a while ago on the game’s PTB, we’ve been itching to try out some effective perk combos following their full release.

Below you’ll find our thoughts on both the killer and the survivor as we talk about experiences we’ve had with both. 


The Blight

The first time we encountered The Blight, we were playing as Survivor – and it’s absolutely terrifying to have him running after you. He’s great at covering long distances quickly, putting him on the same playing field as killers like The Hillbilly and The Spirit. Unfortunately, his biggest flaw is his bouncing mechanic. 

The Blight’s main ability is called ‘Rush’. This lets him do an initial quick dash forward, but in order to maintain his momentum he has to run into walls, trees or other obstacles. Running into things is easy; we’ve played a couple dozen games as The Blight now and we’ve got the smacking into things bit totally down. It’s running into the things and then turning and hitting survivors that is the hard part. His turn radius, much like The Oni when he’s sprinting, is just terrible. It makes it so that as long as a survivor is paying attention, they can easily dodge your attack. But, also like The Oni, if a killer can get used to just how much power they need to put into their turn to then get their attack, they can be pretty deadly. 

On the bright side, The Blight has some of the best killer perks Dead by Daylight has added in a while.

Let’s talk about Hex: Undying. From what we can tell, hundreds of players have levelled up The Blight just to be able to use this perk. Hex: Undying reveals survivors’ auras when they’re within two metres of a totem and, if there is a dull totem on the map when a totem other than Undying is cleansed, that totem will hop to a different dull totem on the map. Here’s an example: a survivor walks up to Hex: Ruin, and Hex: Undying is active somewhere else on the map. Hex: Ruin pops and normally would be destroyed, but instead it jumps to a different dull totem. There are five totems in every game, so someone else takes out Hex: Ruin again, but Hex: Undying is still active so Ruin simply hops again. If the killer only brings in two totems (Hex: Ruin and Hex: Undying), Ruin could potentially hop three times before being totally destroyed. It’s incredibly useful at keeping survivors distracted if Hex: Undying happens to not get destroyed for the entirety of the match. 

But for those killer mains out there, it’s important to think about the other aggravating Hex totems that Hex: Undying would combine well with. Hex: Devour Hope has just jumped from being rarely used to a regularly used Hex. And what about, Hex: Haunted Grounds or even The Deathslinger’s Hex: Retribution? The possibilities are numerous. 

Another perk of The Blight’s that killer mains are lusting after is Hex: Blood Favor. Blood Favor blocks pallets for 15 seconds when a survivor is hit for the first time. This helps killers that get stuck in horrible loops with survivors, especially at the beginning of the game. We haven’t found that it’s massively effective, due to its 40 second cooldown, but it’s definitely useful if you find yourself getting stuck in loops with survivors regularly. 

The Blight’s final perk Dragon’s Grip which, while arguably not as useful as his other two perks, still could come in handy under the right circumstances. With Dragon’s Grip, when the killer kicks a generator, for the next 30 seconds the first survivor that interacts with it screams and is exposed for 60 seconds. This is basically good for map control and makes it so that if a survivor slips away, you kick the generator and they return to it, you’ll know right away. 

Overall, The Blight isn’t going to be our new main killer. Someone with an ability that will hit survivors, like The Plague’s powerful vomit ability, or The Pig with her quick lunge, feels much more effective. But for those that can master this new killer’s turning radius, he could become a formidable foe.

Felix Richter

When a new survivor gets released in Dead by Daylight it can get a bit unsettling seeing everyone playing as them. It’s normal to see four instances of Felix screaming and fighting for his life right now. This architect is unfortunate enough to have found himself in the realm of The Entity, and he’s got his own set of abilities to use. 

In our opinion, Felix has one good perk, one “meh” perk and one perk that not many people are likely to use. Let’s discuss the best perk: Desperate Measures. Desperate Measures increases healing and unhooking speeds for each injured, hooked or dying survivor. After seeing it in action, we’re convinced it’s a really useful perk. It might be circumstantial, but when paired up with killers like The Legion, where players are going to be injured all at one time, Desperate Measures can give you up to 50% increased speeds. Got a camping killer? Don’t worry, you’re unhooking survivors at the speed of sound. Killer close to finding you and your injured friend? No problem, you’ve got quick healing skills. It might not be as good as We’ll Make It, but it certainly has its uses. 

Felix’s just okay perk is Built to Last where one item that you’re holding will regain 30, 40 or 50% of its charges. This can come in handy if you’re working on an archive where you have to deplete items, but the perk’s uses pretty much stop there. Unless, of course, you’re great at flashlight saves and you get 50% of your purple flashlight charges back. It’s handy in some situations, but there are better perks out there.

Finally, Felix brings with him the perk Visionary, which lets him see the auras of generators within 23 metres. The only real use for this perk is on maps like Leary’s Hospital or Midwich, where it can be difficult to find a generator to work on. Other than that, especially considering the perk has a cooldown timer, we just can’t see how it would be useful. 

The Blight and Felix feel like natural additions to Dead by Daylight and join quite the impressive roster. If you want to give the new killer or survivor a try you can do so by purchasing the DLC on PC for $6.99, or on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Switch for $7.99.

You can also purchase them separately in-game using in-game currency.

It has not been confirmed if or when Descend Beyond will be headed to Dead by Daylight Mobile.

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