How Long Does it Take to Beat Marvel’s Avengers?

If you’re playing through Marvel’s Avengers right now, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat. Well, here’s what you need to know.

Marvel’s Avengers isn’t a one-and-done sort of game. While there is a main campaign to follow, it’s designed for you to play through missions multiple times. As you play, you’ll power up, getting better loot and unlocking new skills. And once you’re more powerful, you’ll likely want to return to earlier missions to complete them with more style.

But if you’re just interested in running through the main campaign, you’ll find yourself completing Marvel’s Avengers in around 12-15 hours. If you’d rather take your time and complete all the side missions on offer to you, you’ll likely take upwards of 20 hours.


But to get the most out of Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll hopefully want to spend dozens more hours with it. Outside of the campaign, you can jump into the game in online multiplayer, teaming up with friends to tackle the game’s missions together. As you unlock more characters, you’ll be able to play through missions as a new hero; and with a different set of skills to your name, the game can feel quite different.

So that’s it: if you’re simply tackling the main campaign, expect to spend around a dozen hours until you see the credits roll. But to play the game to its full potential, the time you spend with it could potentially be endless.