How Long Does it Take to Beat Serious Sam 4?

Serious Sam 4 2 (1)

If you’re thinking about picking up Serious Sam 4, you might be wondering how long it will take you to beat it.

With 15 levels for you to strafe, backpedal and shoot your way through, Serious Sam 4 will take most players about ten hours to complete on standard difficulty. But there are many variables that might make your playthrough shorter or longer.

Serious Sam 4 has multiple difficulties, for example, with its easiest, Tourist, being an absolute walkover. If you jump straight in on Serious difficulty, however, expect to face tougher enemies and die a lot, considerably lengthening your playing time. There are many secrets hidden in each level, too. Finding them all may require you to play through levels multiple times.

And new to this latest entry in the Serious Sam series are optional objectives within missions. You don’t have to complete them, but if you take the time to do so you’ll find more battle to engage in, witness more story scenes, and get rewards such as gadgets, which come in useful during the tougher battles.

So, it’s likely to take most players at least ten hours to beat Serious Sam 4. But even once they’ve completed it, many players will want to dive back in again on a higher difficulty, or return to missions to find secrets or complete optional objectives – especially if they’re achievement hunters.