How Many Chapters Are There In Mafia: Definitive Edition?

Mafia Definitive Edition 2 (1)

The remake of Mafia is here, and while it’s still a little old fashioned in ways, it looks phenomenal.

If you’ve picked Mafia: Definitive Edition up and have begun playing it, you’ll notice that the game is split up into chapters. And so you might be wondering, just how many chapters are there in the game?

Mafia: Definitive Edition consists of 20 chapters, as well as a prologue and an epilogue. Each chapter captures a moment in the life of Tommy Angelo, and presents him with a new opportunity or challenge. Including the epilogue, it spans just over 20 years of his life. The length of each chapter is all over the place, however. Some you’ll complete in as little as ten minutes, others will take you 30 minutes or more. And they each have collectibles to be found within them.


The name of each chapter and the year they take place in can be found below.


Chapter 1: An Offer You Can’t Refuse
Chapter 2: Running Man
Chapter 3: Molotov Party
Chapter 4: Ordinary Routine


Chapter 5: Fair Play
Chapter 6: Sarah
Chapter 7: Better Get Used to It
Chapter 8: The Saint and The Sinner


Chapter 9: A Trip to the Country
Chapter 10: Omerta
Chapter 11: Visiting Rich People
Chapter 12: Great Deal


Chapter 13: Bon Appétit
Chapter 14: Happy Birthday
Chapter 15: You Lucky Bastard
Chapter 16: Crème de la Crème


Chapter 17: Election Campaign
Chapter 18: Just for Relaxation
Chapter 19: Moonlighting
Chapter 20: The Death of Art