How Many Levels Are There In Serious Sam 4?

Serious Sam 4 4 (1)

As you start making your way through Serious Sam 4, you may begin to wonder just how many levels there are in it.

After the short prologue that sets up the game, there are 15 levels for you to blast your way through in Serious Sam 4. Some of them take as little as ten minutes to complete, others take 50 minutes to an hour. But they’re all full of crazy action.

New to Serious Sam 4 are optional objectives within missions. These are generally made clear to you by blue paths leading you to optional areas within each level. Complete these optional missions, and not only will you get to engage in more glorious fights, but you’ll also gain powerful gadgets to use in your fight against Mental.


And remember, you can jump back into any level you’ve completed via the main menu. Try going back and completing levels at a harder difficulty level if you want a challenge, or try to find all of their secrets. You’re sure to have fun.