How to Add Ships to Your Convoy in Port Royale 4

Wanting to expand your convoy in Port Royale 4, or set up a new convoy altogether? Here’s what you need to know.

When you start out in Port Royale 4 you’ll have either one, two, or three boats depending on your game settings. These will, usually, all be part of the same convoy. But you can disband your convoy, expand it, or create a new one altogether if you wish. All of this happens in two important buildings in your home town: the shipyard and the lighthouse.

To add new ships to an existing convoy, you’ll first need to buy them. To buy ships, navigate to your hometown, and zoom in close enough to interact with buildings. Click on the shipyard. Tab across to ‘buy’. Select the ship you’d like to buy.


Once it’s purchased, you’ll then need to visit the lighthouse in your home town. Here, you can see all ships that aren’t part of a convoy, along with your currently selected convoy. To add your new ship to your current convoy, simply move it from one side of the screen to another.

If you want to use your new ship to create a new convoy in Port Royale 4, you’ll need to unselect your current convoy. With no convoy selected, you’ll now have the option to create a new convoy. From the lighthouse, you can also disband current convoys if you want to move ships around.

Convoys are useful as they allow you to set trade routes for groups of ships at once, along with other perks. But ships don’t need to be part of a convoy if you don’t want; it can be a lone trader if that’s how you prefer to sail.