How to Change Your Outfit in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia Definitive Edition 3 (1)

Want to change the outfit that Tommy Angelo wears in Mafia: Definitive Edition? You can. But there’s a catch.

You can obtain additional outfits in various ways in Mafia: Definitive Edition. If you preordered the game you should already have an additional outfit to change into, and you can get more by linking to a 2K account. Overall, there are around 20 outfits to unlock, allowing you to dress Tommy Angelo just as you’d like.

Unfortunately though, you can’t change your outfit during Mafia: Definitive Edition‘s story mode. Stupid, right? The outfits you unlock are for use in Free Ride mode, which is accessible from the main menu once you’ve completed the first mission in the game.


So, how do you change your outfit? From the main menu, select Free Ride mode, and once it’s loaded you’ll find yourself in Salieri’s bar. Head upstairs and you’ll find a wardrobe. Interact with it and you’ll find that you can change Tommy Angelo into any of the outfits you’ve unlocked.