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How to Equip Armour and Weapons in World of Warcraft

You need to be tough out there in World of Warcraft so here’s how to equip weapons and armour.

In World of Warcraft it’s important for you to be well-equipped for the countless battles ahead. There’s hundreds of thousands of different types of weapons and armour for characters to use, but how do you equip them?

It’s very easy. As you quest out in the dangerous world of Azeroth, you’ll not only loot weapons and armour, but you’ll be given them as rewards by quest givers. Alternatively, you can buy them from shops or get trade with other players to get them. Once they’re in your inventory you can hover them and hit right-click to equip them on your character. This will automatically equip that item in the appropriate armour or weapon slot and unequip anything that was there previously.

How do you decide what the best weapons and armour are for you?

Conveniently, when you hover over each item it shows that item’s stats as you can see in the picture below:

My mouse is hovering over the “Vagash Breastplate” which has 13 amour, durability at 70/70 (meaning it is undamaged) and is level 17. You can also see on the left of that, that I’m wearing the powerful Heirloom armour which is 16 amour with +6 Strength, +9 Stamina, etc. The bottom of that box shows that by equipping the Vagash Breastplate I would be losing stats.

The Heirloom Gear is high-tier armor that helps players level up faster than they usually would. So, under normal circumstances, the Vegash Breastplate might be good armour to have equipped for level that I have this character at. You just have to pay attention to the armor quality and the positive or negative stats that come with it.

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